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Measurement Conversion

Measurement Conversion Factors

To convert - Into - x = multiply by
= divide by
acres hectares x 0.4047
acres sq. kilometres 247
acres sq. metres x 4047
acres sq. miles 640
barrels (oil) cu. metres 6.29
barrels (oil) gallons (GB) x 34.97
barrels (oil) gallons (USA) x 42
barrels (oil) litres x 159
centimetres feet 30.48
centimetres inches 2.54
centimetres metres 100
centimetres millimetres x 10
cubic cm. cubic inches x 0.06102
cubic cm. litres 1000
cubic cm. millilitres x 1
cubic feet cubic inches x 1728
cubic feet cubic metres x 0.0283
cubic feet cubic yards 27
cubic feet gallons (GB) x 6.229
cubic feet gallons (USA) x 7.481
cubic feet litres x 28.32
cubic inches cubic cm. x 16.39
cubic inches litres x 0.01639
cubic metres cubic feet x 35.31
feet centimetres x 30.48
feet metres x 0.3048
feet yards 3
fluid ounces (GB) fluid ounces (USA) x 0.961
fluid ounces (GB) millilitres x 28.41
fluid ounces (USA) fluid ounces (GB) x 1.041
fluid ounces (USA) millilitres x 29.57
gallons pints x 8
gallons (GB) cubic feet x 0.1605
gallons (GB) gallons (USA) x 1.2009
gallons (GB) litres x 4.54609
gallons (USA) cubic feet x 0.1337
gallons (USA) gallons (GB) x 0.8327
gallons (USA) litres x 3.785
grams kilograms 1000
grams ounces 28.35
hectares acres x 2.471
hectares square km. 100
hectares square metres x 10000
hectares square miles 259
hectares square yards x 11 960
inches centimetres x 2.54
inches feet 12
kilograms ounces x 35.3
kilograms pounds x 2.2046
kilograms tonnes 1000
kilograms tons (GB) 1016
kilograms tons (USA) 907
kilometres metres x 1000
kilometres miles x 0.6214
litres cubic inches x 61.02
litres gallons (GB) x 0.2200
litres gallons (USA) x 0.2642
litres pints (GB) x 1.760
litres pints (US liquid) x 2.113
litres/100km Miles Per Gallon (GB) 282.5/ l/100km
litres/100km Miles Per Gallon (USA) 235.2/ l/100km
metres yards 0.9144
metres centimetres x 100
miles kilometres x 1.609
miles per gallon (GB) litres/100km 282.5 / MPG
miles per gallon (USA) litres/100km 235.2 / MPG
miles per hour km/hour x 1.609
km/hour metres/second x 0.278
km/hour miles per hour x 0.621
m/sec km/hour x 3.6
millimetres inches 25.4
ounces grams x 28.35
pints (GB) litres x 0.5683
pints (GB) pints (US liquid) x 1.201
pints (US liquid) litres x 0.4732
pints (US liquid) pints (GB) x 0.8327
pounds kilograms x 0.4536
pounds ounces x 16
square cm. square inches x 0.1550
square feet square inches x 144
square feet square metres x 0.0929
square inches square cm. x 6.4516
square inches square feet 144
square km. acres x 247
square km. hectares x 100
square km. square miles x 0.3861
square metres acres 4047
square metres hectares 10 000
square metres square feet x10.76
square metres square yards x 1.196
square miles acres x 640
square miles hectares x 259
square miles square km. x 2.590
square yards square metres 1.196
tonnes kilograms x 1000
tonnes tons (GB) x 0.9842
tonnes tons (USA) x 1.1023
tons (GB) kilograms x 1016
tons (GB) tonnes x 1.016
tons (USA) kilograms x 907.2
tons (USA) tonnes x 0.9072
yards metres x 0.9144
    x = multiply by
= divide by

E&OE - Rounded figures.
GB units also referred to as Imperial.

Fahrenheit (F) to Celsius (C)
Start with (F);
 subtract 32;
 multiply by 5;
 divide by 9;
 the answer is (C) 
Celsius (C) to Fahrenheit (F) 
Start with (C);
 multiply by 9;
 divide by 5;
 add on 32;
 the answer is (F) 
Approximate Equivalents:
30C - 86F
20C - 68F
16C - 61F
10C - 50F
 0C - 32F


Conversion Utility For Some of the units listed above.

Please Note - This utility is for guidance only. It is linked to coding on the website of C & A Building Plastics who are recommended for their wide selection of products and good service. Neither they nor the webmaster can be held responsible for any inaccuracies of these calculations.

 Metric To Imperial         Imperial To Metric



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