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This page contains information for the MONIKIE PARISH (Scotland) entry in an old list, detailing the documents which have 'survived' until the present date.  It can be assumed that all volumes of the OPR are now in the hands of the General Registrar in Edinburgh (unless you know differently?).

It is further assumed that all these volumes are on microfilm and are, or can be, made available from various libraries, family history societies and other sources, including YOUR local Mormon Family History Centre.  The International Genealogical Index (IGI) should list nearly all the entries in these volumes, but only if it has been possible to transcribe the entries, owing to the writing style and the physical condition of the originals.

The reader should NEVER take ANY IGI entry to be proof of an event and should always confirm the information from the source, if possible.

In the custody of the Registrar General - Number of Volumes = 9

Dates embraced -
(1) Births 1615 - 1674
(2) Births 1670 - 1696
(3) Births 1697 - 1732
(4) Births 1733 - 1782
(5) Births 1782 - 1819
(6) Marriages 1633 - 1755
(7) Marriages 1756 - 1819
(8) Deaths 1670 - 1766
(9) Deaths 1767 - 1819

In the custody of the Local Registrar (Dundee) - Number of Volumes = 3

(1) Births 1820 - 1854
(2) Marriages 1820 - 1854
(3) Deaths 1820 - 1854 


Births and Marriages intermixed up to 1717.
Blank, May 1657 - February 1660.
Births blank, January 1717 - June 1719, three leaves of the Register having apparently been lost.
Mothers' names not recorded until 1716.
Marriages blank, May 1735 - January 1784.
Deaths - The entries of Deaths 1612 - 1617 are contained on one imperfect leaf.
Twenty-three entries without particular dates occur on a page headed, 1660; then blank (except for a few entries) until 1703.
Mortcloth Dues from the latter date to September 1733; then blank until October 1783, when a . .
Record of Burials is commenced (October 1783) and continued to July 1790.
Mortcloth Dues 1790 - 1825.

A very large table of Monikie Parish death records 1612 to 1854 can be found on this website.  Make sure you read the notes.

Indexed Inscriptions, and a few photographs, of old grave memorials at Monikie Kirkyard can be seen here.

There are many other cross references to names and places on this website - For best results use the Website Search Engine - read the notes there, first).

  From "Scottish Parochial Registers" published in 1849 by Thomas George Stevenson, composed and edited by W B Turnbull.

"It is annoying to find that no fewer than 130 Parishes appear in the Statistical Account, to which no return on the head of Parochial Records has been made by the incumbent."  He wrote to various clergymen, amongst them the incumbent at Monikie, who replied, -

"Our sessional records commence in the year 1613.  Registers of baptisms and proclamations seem to have been regularly and carefully kept from 1613 down to the present time, with the exception of about thirty years in the middle of last century, when the registering of proclamations appears to have been neglected, or more probably, the entries had been made in some book which had since been lost.  From 1613 down to about 1720, minutes of session, baptisms, proclamations, accounts of monies received and expended, have all been entered in one volume, without assigning separate places to each.  From 1720 to about 1838, different places were assigned in the second volume to each of the above records.  Since about 1838, when the present session clerk was appointed, separate volumes have been kept for minutes of session, register of births and baptisms, register of proclamations and marriages, and also for registering deaths and burials.  No register of deaths and burials was ever kept in the parish until the present volume was begun."

The entry for the adjacent Murroes parish reads - 

"The register of births and baptisms commences in 1746, and that of marriages as late as 1808.  The records of the kirk session extend back to the 30th March 1698.  They appear to have been kept with tolerable distinctness and regularity."

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