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Lists of many thousands of persons of STIRLING, and similar, surname, nearly all in SCOTLAND.


Read the news - the long-awaited files are now available..

 ..and, from JUNE 2002, DIRECT from THIS website

  You can read here about a Stirling Family History data sources and 4 data files in  TEXT format which can easily be imported into YOUR spreadsheet, or database or other text-based data application.  A few other formats may be available, specially sent by Email attachment, on request.

BEFORE you download the files it is important for your full understanding that you read the notes below.  Failure to do so will involve a great waste of YOUR TIME!

The following, initial notes were originally written for guidance on the large 15,500-name file.  The other three files which are now available give other detail for researchers into the Stirlings in Scotland and does not depend on the exactly the same 'rules' as the material is from a different contributor.


The data was sourced from the IGI by the LDS.  Probably, 99% of the STIRLING forenames found in a search are included and it was only up-to-date around mid-summer 2001.  It is important to note HERE that this list is provided solely to assist YOUR research by allowing YOU to manipulate and analyse the data - something not possible from the IGI.  Such results achieved from YOUR WORK must then be checked BACK to the IGI ( for the "full picture".

It took a considerable amount of effort to present the data into this 'computer-friendly format'.  To achieve this, which is to aid YOUR research and analysis, involved some 'standardisation' of FORENAMES - for example, ALEXANDER rather than ALEX., various spellings of ARCHIBALD made the same.  Other forenames may remain UNCHANGED, and will sort in strict order.  The various spelling versions of STIRLING remain unchanged.  You should check for many variations and similarities of forenames.  The District / Area names have been similarly handled to facilitate data analysis.

Some researchers may disapprove of such 'standardisation' but, as always, it is for each to confirm such extracts (including from the IGI) against the original source document, mostly the OPR or Statutory Register.  This list is just an index suitably adapted for data analysis purposes by researchers.

The dates have been 'reversed' (YYYY-MMM-DD) in order that they can be sorted, although NOT perfectly.  Remember, ALL 'fields' are 'text' and you can 'destroy' the whole data if you convert the data format from 'dates as TEXT' to 'dates as DATES'.  I strongly disapprove of the use of numbered months as this just creates confusion for users in other countries and from the country of the source document.  The use of asterisks is for sorting use developed in my STIRLINGS in ANGUS database ALLSTIR.WDB.  If you have records for ANGUS (sometime past referred to as Forfarshire).   (There is a method of putting the dates in exactly the correct order - use Roman numerals - and can explain this to anyone downloading the file and wishing to tackle the task involved - but is it worth it?) There is at least one record has been submitted with NO YEAR - what was the point?

It is important to understand the SORTDATE information.  In many cases this is identical to the source date of the event being a christening or birth, but in order to bring records which could be for the same individual together, the sortdate may be an estimated birth date of 20 years before a marriage date and 60 years before a death date.  This quite arbitrary calculation will obviously be erroneous in many cases, but it should bring names nearer together in the sorted list than would be otherwise possible

A common 'fault' to be found in the data is the number of apparent multiple entries.  This is likely to be caused by those who have submitted details for incorporation without deleting duplicate entries from their submission lists.  To remove such duplicates BEFORE submission is very time-consuming, but this failure creates work for later researchers who must then check many more submitters' sources than should be required, only to find that they are from the original OPR, or whatever.  Not having the resources to carry out this huge task it must be left to researchers to carry out themselves - remember YOU MUST check the IGI sources AFTER you have analised the data to your requirements - this data is provided only for that purpose, not a source.

As usual, it is up to the researcher to confirm all the data - it has not, and cannot be checked.  Use the data as a guide to the information you seek.  The only proper source is normally, the Old Parish Registers and Church Records, also Statutory Registers .

The columns in the table, if produced as a spreadsheet, are -












Country Name - This has been dropped as all of the records were submitted as SCOTLAND, however, some submitters are not too good on geography and have included a handful of English entries too.  These names have been left in the list.  In the earlier years included in this list, it is worth remembering that Scotland was independent of the other countries which now make up the U.K.

Bearing in mind the 'standardisation' process, if YOU find some of the entries are clearly WRONG (it may have been mis-typed from the original) or you find that you can give proper information where that shown has been wrongly submitted, I would appreciate your information, clearly given, thank you.

It is imperative that you realise that the FOUR 'SIS' files are in TEXT format. The 15,500+ name file has QUOTES to separate the data, the other three are TEXT&TABS.  How the files will appear on YOUR computer can depend on how it has been set-up.  It is expected that most will find that a page of apparently misaligned columns of text will appear in your Internet browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer); for others, a TEXT EDITOR application may automatically start up; yet others may be asked "OPEN or SAVE" the file.  Regardless of the appearance of the data, you will be expected take the data and to make it data available to you in SPREADSHEET form for ease of use and reference.

  • If you do see the data in your BROWSER goto EDIT, SELECT ALL, COPY - then start-up your SPREADSHEET program and goto FILE, NEW and EDIT, PASTE in cell A1.

  • If you have a TEXT EDITOR application (you can get free downloads from various places on the Internet - strongly recommended) this may have 'fired-up' automatically on 'recognising' a TEXT file being downloaded.  You likely will see the text data on screen.  Goto EDIT, SELECT ALL, COPY - then start-up your SPREADSHEET program and goto EDIT, PASTE in cell A1.

  • If you are invited to SAVE or OPEN the file after clicking the link you should choose SAVE, to a place in your computer file system where you will remember (the easiest for Windows users is on the Desktop).  Start-up your SPREADSHEET program and goto FILE, OPEN and select the SIS file from where you just saved it.

In all cases the first sight of the data in your SPREADSHEET may be confusing.  The COLUMN widths will usually need adjusting to allow for the data to be seen in full.  Some columns are VERY wide and changing the CELL FORMAT for these particular columns to allow line wrap would greatly help.  Ensure that the FIRST ROW is treated as a HEADER (in red?)

The data formats are quite different from the 15,500+ name file and the three others.  There are also differences in content and layout.  The 3 are less 'standardised', and not easily capable of date-sorting - although this may come. (Any volunteers for a 'couple' of days ACCURATE typing?)

With the data now in (up to) four separate spreadsheets, you can now change the SORTING of the COLUMNS of DATA to put the information in the order you choose.

The SERIAL or SERIES number has been introduced to allow you to put the list BACK to the original order.  You would be advised to keep a copy in the original order before you start data manipulation.

If you are knowledgeable with DATABASES you will find that these files can easily be imported to such applications with much superior data handling and analysis.

Please email me if you need help, I'll do what I can.


 PLEASE NOTE that these 4 files are now (June 2002) on THIS website. 
 The FULL site address is given below for each. 

Click this link for the 1249kb. text file containing data for over 15,500 STIRLINGS in SCOTLAND

JUNE 2002 - The following sources have been relocated and which will expand on the basic data for many of the persons included in the 15,500+ file, above.  These data sources are by very kind courtesy of, and a great deal of work by, Dave Stirling and were provided to the webmaster in MS Word format.  These have been converted, also with great effort, into TEXT & TABS format. The THREE files now available. . . .  (492kb. - birth, baptism and parental and other detail of many of the persons listed in the 15,500+ name file.)  (490kb. - information of children whose mother's maiden surname was STIRLING, together with the father's name and other detail.)  (532kb. - a list of marriages of persons surnamed STIRLING.)

There are data in the notes of the latter 3 files which I am not yet informed of their context from the source provider.

If you would like to know more about these files please send email . . .

. . . also, comments welcome!

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