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The following article has been kindly provided to the webmaster for the interest of readers.  The webmaster takes no position in the various comments and arguments put forward by the writer of this article, or of the others on the main Hynd Castle webpage, this one is well sourced.

Dear Webmaster,

For what its worth, the Skirlings had been in the area since at least 1586, and one of them was given the tack on Hyndcastle in 1704. While not giving any clue to the origins of Hyndcastle itself, the following material may be of use to somebody. It does appear that the land belonged to the Earls of Crawford, as a part of the barony of Downie, so the suggestion is quite strong that the castle was built by the Lindsays. Although I haven't seen the document, the original grant of the lands (if still extant) would certainly help date Hyndcastle (the Dalhousie papers suggest it was granted in 1425, so it should be in the Register of the Great Seal).

CAG 26th May 2005.

(Webmaster's Note - Many of the placenames shown below do not show the current spelling, but most will be obvious to local folks and researchers. If you have difficulty with any, please ask, but I don't recognise them all :^)

National Archives of Scotland (NAS) GD45/16/802 (Dalhousie papers) Note by David, earl of Craufurd, to the goodmen of Kynnettellis and Patrick Rowch not to hinder the laird of Carmylie's [at this time James Strachan] tenants in their use of the Mosses of Hynndcastell, Sowthmver and Pallawis. 28 March 1593.

NAS GD20/1/741 (Papers of the Earls of Glasgow) Charter by Sir Henry Lyndsay of Careldstoun, kt., as liferenter, and George Lyndsay, his son, as fiar, with consents, including that of the Earl and Countess of Craufurd, to Patrick, Bishop of Ross, of the barony of Downy, lands of Mains thereof, the muir to the north of the said lands, lands of Hyndisfauldis, Hyndcastle, Cuschingrend, Dunfind and Pitterlie, with part of the Muir of Downy, lands of Downykane, Ardestie, Muredrum, Balhungie and Kirkbuddo, Delto Moss, and Muir of Kirkbuddo, all in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 16 August 1615.

NAS GD45/18/435. (Dalhousie papers) Tack to Alexander Skirling in Hyndcastle, the lands thereof in the parish of Monikie, 08 November 1704.

Monikie Register of Baptisms and Marriages, OPR 311/00/02 Jannet Skirling, baptised 15 April 1704, daughter of Alexander Skirling of "Haincastle", witnesses John Taylor, Robert Ramsay . Janet married on the 16 November 1732, Alexander Mill of Carmyllie. The cautioners were James Mudie in Denfind and William Daes in Skeechin. The 21 October 1732. The banns names Alexander Skirling as her father, and the witnesses to the marriage were William Wat, servant to Mr. James Goodsir, Minister, and Robert Muat.

NAS GD45/18/1886 (Dalhusie papers) Tack to Alexander Archer in Hyndcastle of the lands thereof (tack of land in the parish of Monikey or barony of Downy). 19 Oct. 1758.

NAS GD45/16/271Feu-dispositions by William, Earl Panmure, to Charles Guthrie, writer in Edinburgh, of the lands of Dunfynd and parts of the lands of Monikie, the town and lands of Craystane of Ardeastie, the minln of Cambustoun, the lands of Dunnykean and Cambustoun, the lands of Carlungie, the corn miln of Dounie, the parts of the lands of Dounie called Lochmyllie and Brae of Downie, the town and lands of Kirktoun of Monikie, the part of the lands of Dounie called Castleton with Hyndfaulds and the lands of Segwall, the lands of Muirdrum, the lands of Balnungie and Easter Monikie and the piece of land called Hyndcastle, all in the sheriffdom of Forfar. December 10 and 12, 1766 (instruments of sasine dated 16 and 19, 1766, registered GRS 19 and 25 March 1767.)

NAS GD45/16/278 Disposition and assignation by William, Earl Panmure, to David Greig, merchant in Arbroath, in liferent, and himself in fee of GD/45/16/272 in respect of the mid-superiority of the part of the lands of Downie called Castletoun, the piece of land called Hyndfaulds, the lands of Segwall possessed by James Paton and the lands of Muirdrum in the barony of Downie and parish of Monikie. 26 Feb. 1767.

NAS GD/45/16/275 Disposition and assignation by William, Earl Panmure, to William Turnbull in Muirton in liferent and himself in fee of GD45/16/272 in respect of the mid-superiority of the parts of Easter Monikie and the piece of land called Hyndcastle in the barony of Downie and parish of Monikie. 26 Feb 1767.

Because of Hyndcastle was a part of the barony of Downie: -

NAS GD/137/31/96 (Scrymgeour Wedderburn of Wedderburn papers): Bond by James Brown, John Cairnie, Andrew Mathieson elder, David Makesoun, Alexander Shoriswood, James Skirling, Alexander Guild and John Guild all in Mains of Downie. . .as cautioners for David, earl of Crawford, their master, to Alexander Wedderburn, common clerk of the burgh of Dundee for 100 merks as the price of the said Alexander's annual rent of 20 bolls victual furth the Mains of Downie and lands of Torlungie for the year 1585, and also for the said annual-rent to be paid to the said Alexander from the 25th December to the 2nd February until the lawful redemption thereof, and to pay for the said redemption 500 merks, 27 June 1586, dated at Downy.

NAS GD16/24/88 (Papers of the Earls of Airlie) Precept under the privy seal for a charter under the great seal in favour of Robert, Lord Lindesay: Of the lands and barony of Finevin in special warrandice of the lands and barony of Auchtirmonsie and lands of Cairnie, Tor and Lawteishoill with teinds of the latter, and in favour of Sir Henry Lindesay of Carrelstoun, kt., in liferent, and Sir John Lindesay, knight of the Bath, in fee, of the lands and barony of Finnevin with annualrents herin specified, lands of the barony of Forrest of Plattane, the lands and barony of Downie, the lands of the half barony of Clovay, superiority of the lands of Locoquhy and half the lands of Inglistoun and Kennettillis, the lands and barony of Elicht, the lands and barony of Ballindoche, the lands and barony of Megill, the lands and barony of Melginsche, the lands and barony of Baltrodie and the lands and barony of Pitfure, which lands belonged heritably to the said Robert, Lord Lindesay, and were resigned by him, with consent of David, earl of Craufurd, and Adam Rae of Pitsindie, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, for new infeftment in favour of himself and of said Sir Henry Lindesay as abovementioned; the said lands disponed to said Sir Henry to be under reversion to the male heir of the said Earl of Craufurd, whom failing, to Sir Henry. Quhythall, 7 May 1614.

NAS GD45/16/881 (Dalhousie papers) Letters of sequestration at the instance of Patrick Maull of Panmuir against Andrew Skraling, William Davidsone and John Scheirwod in Maynis of Downie in respect of corn sown on the lands of Panmuir, 3 Sept. 1614.

26th May 2005

Articles and comments below have been given to the webmaster regarding Hynd Castle, Monikie - more appear HERE and HERE.  No opinion is given as to their veracity, but I hope they make interesting reading to any researcher.

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